Main Secrets of Posing

Don’t like how you look in the pictures? Don’t know what to do with your hands and how to place your feet? We created this guide specifically for you. Whether you are a model, a blogger, or a photographer, in this guide, you will find the most common mistakes in posing and tips on how you can avoid them.


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A unique guide designed for models, photographers, bloggers, and everybody who loves pictures, traveling, parties, content, and social media. Within this product you’ll receive a PDF guide and a video (link is inside the guide), explaining typical do’s and don’ts in posing with a focus on:

  • legs (how to sit, how to stand, how to make them visually longer)
  • arms, hands, fingers (how to work with them and place them correctly)
  • common mistakes in posing and tips in solving those
  • angles in posing
  • tricks for slimmer looks

and much more…

FashionPhortoLab - Main Secrets of Posing (screenshot 1)

FashionPhortoLab - Main Secrets of Posing (screenshot 2)


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