How does the shoot work?

You contact us and discuss your shoot. We book a shoot appointment. We will meet at the agreed location and walk/drive together to the location.

We’ll find the best aspect of that location together, do final preparations, lighting tests, and begin the shoot.

We’ll work together for poses and angles. We have a bunch of ideas, but we also welcome your input (the more you discuss it beforehand with us, the better the shoot will be).

In the next few days we’ll work on the post-production of images. For some photoshoots (eg. weddings, fashion/art) we’ll send you samples for feedback and you can ask for minor changes (for example, crop an image tighter, or emphasise the reds more).

A few days later, we’ll provide the master-copies, and versions suitable for social media.

What’s the best time for the photoshoot?

If you want to achieve a perfect result, the best time is between April to September. All of the Netherlands is in “full bloom”. 30 minutes before sunrise or 30 minutes after sunset is the best time of day to make the shoot, during this period.

At other times of year, catching the sunrise or sunset is always best.

Weather in the Netherlands can be very unpredictable.

If the weather means the shoot is not possible, we’ll reschedule your shoot for the next time that suits you and us, as a priority. Or, you may have a full refund.

How to prepare for the photoshoot?

Make sure your clothing is ironed and clean. Pay attention to your hair, manicure and pedicure (if wearing open shoes, flip-flops etc.). Prepare for the weather, make sure you have warm clothes and rain gear at hand.

We recommend doing most of your makeup at home or your accommodation, so we can get right into making an awesome shoot. There’ll be a little time for touch ups right before we start shooting, but we don’t want to miss out on the perfect light!

What should I wear?

It’s best to wear something light, in neutral solid colours. Avoid complex patterns (squares, prints), as they may distract the attention away from you.

For couples please make sure your outfits are matched by colour and/or style.

But it all depends on the idea of the shoot, of course, so we would advise getting in touch with us in advance to discuss it in details.

Should we bring any accessories for the photoshoot?

Images always look better with props, especially if they match your outfit.

Consider a hat, sunglasses, flowers, magazines, or an umbrella. Also consider personal props like hair clips, scarves, bangles, and similar.

How long does a shoot take?

We’ll typically spend around two hours working with you and capturing images.