1. Equipment and Studio Rental

At FashionPhotoLab, we are committed to delivering exceptional results. To ensure the highest quality, we utilize top-of-the-line equipment, including Sony cameras and lenses, and, when necessary, Profoto lighting equipment.

2. Booking and Payment

A down payment of 20% of the total cost or the full studio rental fee is required to secure your booking. Please note that changes to the photoshoot date can only be accommodated in cases of illness or adverse weather conditions for outdoor shoots.

3. Image Selection and Post-Processing

Our experienced photographers will select the best images from your photoshoot for post-processing. Alternatively, if you want to choose your own images for post-processing an additional fee of €30 will be applied, and it needs to be requested upfront or right after the photoshoot. Post-processing typically takes between 3 to 7 days. Should you desire additional editing, we offer two options:

  • Extra edited picture (color/light correction): €5 per image
  • Fashion retouching: €15 per image

If you wish to receive all the original, unedited images from your session, this can be arranged for an additional fee of €25.

4. Transportation Fees

For photoshoots within Amsterdam, transportation is provided at no extra charge. For locations outside Amsterdam, the following transportation fees apply based on the distance from our studio:

  • 0-35 km: €25
  • 35-50 km: €35
  • 50-80 km: €55
  • 80-100 km: €75