What is a Lightroom Preset?

Preset is a professional photo retouch in one click. It is a combination of several light and colour settings designed to achieve a particular look and feel of your image. These configurations are being tested on hundreds of images to verify that they deliver the expected result.

Can I install presets myself?

The installation of Lightroom presets is pretty straightforward. You can find detailed instruction in our guide on how to install Adobe Lightroom presets for desktop and mobile.

Which programs can I use presets in?

Our presets are designed for the latest Adobe Lightroom Classic and for the free Lightroom mobile application, that you can download from App Store and Google Play.

How will I receive my presets?

When purchasing the presets using PayPal you can specify in the notes the email address we should use to send you your presets. You will receive an email from us with all the files attached and also links from where you can download your presets.

Autumn Presets Package - 9 amazing presets for Lightroom to give your photos magical autumn glow.

Autumn Presets Package – 14.99 EUR

Autumn Presets Package consists of nine amazing presets for Adobe Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile. All presets will adjust colours of your photos to give them an amazing magical autumn glow, by turning green and blue shades into vibrant browns, yellows and golds.

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Fashionphotolab cocktails presets package

Cocktails Presets Package – 9.95 EUR

Cocktails presets package consists of nine unique presets carefully designed for quick and easy cocktails photos retouching in Adobe Lightroom Classic and Mobile. Each preset targets a particular look and feel of the image, but they all will add extra crispness and clarity to your photos.

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