Autumn Presets Package consists of four amazing presets for Adobe Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile. There are three presets that are designed specifically for quick portraits retouch. And there is one, bonus, preset for your landscape/city photography. All presets will adjust colours of your photos to give them an amazing magical autumn glow, by turning green and blue shades into vibrant browns, yellows and golds.

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FashionPhotoLab Autumn Preset 1
FashionPhotoLab Autumn Preset 2
FashipPhotoLab Autumn Preset #3
FashionPhotoLab Autumn Preset 4

If you are unsure how to install or use these presets in Adobe Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile please read our guide on how to install and use Lightroom presets for desktop and mobile.

If you experience any issues with these presets please get in touch with us.